Things I like to do when I’m not travelling (which is most of the time)

Due to the type of travelling holidays we prefer to take (read: long Winter wonderland trips staying in nice hotels), we don’t actually travel that much. Most of our year is spent saving up our money and annual leave for our next big adventure, and working full-time office jobs.

We don’t go out very often, preferring to put as much of our pay as we can into our savings accounts. We’re both home bodies at heart, and would rather curl up on the couch infront of a good movie or tv show, than go out and socialise. Also, we’re probably too old for that shit!

So, when I’m not travelling, thinking about travelling, or planning our next adventure, here are the things I like to do, to keep myself entertained during the year.

Getting hooked on Nintendo Switch

I’ve been a bit of a gamer for as long as I can remember. The obsession really kicked in while I was at high school, and my parents bought us a Nintendo 64. We spent hours upon hours playing Zelda, Banjo-Kazooie, Bomberman, and Rachet and Clank. So, I was really excited when I learned about the Nintendo Switch. It’s super versatile – you can play the handheld console by yourself, set up the kickstand and play with a friend, or sit it in its dock and play it on your tv. Chris has just hooked it up to my computer screen for me so I can play it on my desk. It is so much fun. I have absolutely gotten hooked on Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and am having so much fun getting lost in the world of Hyrule. So long as I don’t get surrounded by monsters, that is!


Watching (a lot) of television

Yup, I’m pretty much a couch potato, let’s be honest. But, there are so many great shows on tv at the moment! I love how television has evolved over the years, with many of my favourite shows feeling more like big budget hollywood movies, rather than something made for tv.

My top picks are: Vikings, Game of Thrones, The Last Kingdom, Orange is the New Black, and Stranger Things. On the lighter scale, I’ve recently been working my way through How I Met Your Mother. I never watched it when it was on tv, but I am really enjoying it! I think I’ll be sad when it’s over.

I also do love me a bit of reality tv, and am not ashamed to admit that the trashy ones (read: Bachelor/ette/in Paradise) get me hooked, but I also really get inspired by shows like MasterChef.

Listening to music

I love music! I listen to music pretty much every day. It’s great for zoning out background noise at work, or for pumping me up in the morning while I’m getting ready for the day ahead.

Currently on rotation I have: The Killers (Sam’s Town – possibly the best album EVER), The Temper Trap (Thick as Thieves), and Muse (Black Holes & Revelations), but I also love Coldplay, Lorde, Imagine Dragons, and One Republic. I’ve created a pretty great playlist on Spotify, which gets a lot of action at the weekend while I’m working on my computer.

When I need to zone out, I listen to movie soundtracks. All three of the Lord of the Rings albums have been my go-tos, ever since the movies came out. In my “uni days” I actually used to listen to the albums when I got home from a big night out – they helped me to sleep! But now I use them when at work so I can concentrate and block out other people’s noise.

Finally, if I really want to completely zone out and get all zen-like, I highly recommend Meditones. Meditones relax your brain and guide you into a meditative state. They’re great for when I feel a headache coming on, or if I just want to zone out and recharge my batteries. I just plug in my headphones and drift off. Bliss.


Practicing yoga

This year I have become a huge yoga fan, largely thanks to Adriene! She is so amazing. In Janurary she hosted her Yoga Revolution (31 days of yoga), which I started when we got back from our holiday. That was nearly 80 days ago now, and I’ve been doing my yoga every morning since! Once I completed Yoga Revolution, I did her Yoga Camp, which went for 30 days, and I’m now working my way through her first challenge, 30 Days of Yoga, which she hosted in 2015. Adriene is a beautiful person, and a wonderful yoga teacher. Her routines are easy to follow, and she offers plenty of alternative moves for those of us who are beginners, but also for advanced participants, too. It’s such a nice way to start the day, and I’m already noticing some little changes to my body since I started. I feel like my posture has improved, my feet have changed (weird, I know!), and my body feels like it’s getting stronger and (slowly, very slowly) more flexible.

Reading a good book

I have always been a big reader. I remember my Mum taking me to the library on a Saturday morning when I was a kid, where I’d get a big bag of books, and have most of them read by Sunday night.

Nowadays my reading habbits have substantially reduced, but I do love to get lost in a good book. I prefer to read fantasy novels such as The Kingkiller Chronicles or Harry Potter (which I have re-read multiple times); but lately I’ve been really drawn to darker, or thriller type novels that keep me guessing with plot twists and suspense. Check out my Goodreads profile to see what I’ve been reading lately.

Of course, I also love to read other travel blogs! I get so much inspiration from the likes of Little Grey Box, Young Adventuress, and C’est Christine.


I really enjoy cross stitch, although I do go through phases. Like, right now, I haven’t touched my patterns for months, but I know once I get in the mood and pick them up again, it will be something I work on every night. I find it really therapeautic, and there’s such a sense of achievement and pride once you’re done. My favourite patterns at the moment come from Wee Little Stitches. They have a really cute range of pop culture patterns. So far I’ve done: The Sound of Music, The Lord of the Rings, and I also have a pattern for The Labyrinth which I haven’t started yet. I recently picked up their Harry Potter pattern, and adapted it to include Lupin and Sirius, as I really felt like they should have been in there! I haven’t finished this one yet, but I’m nearly there.


Getting lost in nature

The hardest part about living in a big city is the lack of nature. I love being among the trees, near a good beach, or up a mountain looking out at the world below. As we don’t own a car, we sometimes hire one and escape the city for a weekend. It’s so nice being out in nature and away from the concrete jungle. It’s a great way to reset yourself, dust off the cobwebs, and explore.

Obviously, I also love to talk about travel to anyone who will listen. And, I quite enjoy writing about my travels, too.

What activities do you enjoy doing in your downtime? Are there any other new tv shows or books I need to check out? Let me know, below!


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Author: Michelle

Michelle Harvey is a kiwi traveller, writer, photographer, list-maker, coffee drinker, and wanderer. Winter holidays are her favourite kind.

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