• How to spend a winter getaway in Victoria, BC

    With stunning landscapes, small town vibes, and mild weather year-round, Vancouver Island is just a hop, skip and a jump from Vancouver BC. In fact, it only takes a couple of hours to get there from downtown Vancouver. As per usual, we didn’t have much time to explore Vancouver Island proper, so settled on a few days in its capital, Victoria.

    I would sum Victoria up as a quaint harbour town, with its heritage buildings, rugged coastline, and natural beauty. Although, step back from the harbour a bit, and you’ll find a bustling city with all the trappings of modern life.

    It’s like a little slice of Britain on the edge of Canada. What could be more perfect?

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  • A road trip to Marysville

    Marysville is a quaint little town full of Autumn leaves, flowing waterfalls, and beautiful art. In 2009, this small town was devastated by bush fires. Lives were lost, homes and buildings were destroyed, and the locals were left reeling in the wake of it. This day has since been called Black Saturday. Visiting today, it

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  • Road Trip: A day at Werribee Zoo

    The state of Victoria is home to three wonderful and very different zoo experiences: Melbourne Zoo showcases a wide range of animals from all over the world; Healesville Sanctuary lets you get up close and personal with Australian wildlife, and Werribee Zoo offers an African safari just a short drive away from the city. This

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