Road trip to the Warburton Redwood Forest

I’m always on the hunt for new road trip destinations in Victoria. I stumbled upon this blog post a few months ago and instantly added the Warburton Redwood Forest to my list.

You’d be forgiven for completely missing or dismissing the Redwood Forest. From the small car park, it looks just like any regular forest. Nothing to see here, folks.

But, once you step past that first row of trees, it really is spectacular.

The Redwood trees were planted nearly 90 years ago, in perfectly straight rows. I have never seen a forest like that before — it really speaks to my perfectionist side.

The forest was equal parts magical, and totally anally retentive!

Warburton Redwoods Warburton Redwoods

But, it’s a great place for budding photographers. No matter how many people are wandering around, you are sure to find a clear stretch of perfectly lined trees all to yourself.

The Redwoods are so tall and really towered above us. Looking up, I was stunned at their beauty.

Warburton Redwoods Warburton Redwoods

And dotted throughout the forest are huge “bird nests”, created by a local artist. I was so tempted to crawl inside this one, but refrained myself! I didn’t want to intrude on what felt like a very spiritual place.

Warburton Redwoods Warburton Redwoods

After making our way through the Redwoods we came to a creek and further parkland. So we wandered around for a bit and experimented with my camera.

Warburton Redwoods Warburton Redwoods Warburton Redwoods

I absolutely love this picture Chris took of me. I’m about as far from a supermodel as you can get. I feel very awkward posing for photos, but this one was totally worth it.

Warburton Redwoods

We weren’t the only ones with our cameras out, either. One lady was dressed in a glorious wizard robe for a photoshoot. She definitely came to the right place — there was magic in the air.

Warburton Redwoods Warburton Redwoods Warburton Redwoods

Next time, I think I’ll pack a picnic.

Warburton Redwoods

Have you seen the Warburton Redwoods before?

Are there other forests like this? Share with us below!

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