7 hot tips to beat the post-travel blues

Post-travel blues is a thing. It does exist. And it can be hard to navigate.

Don’t even get me started on the lack of sympathy from friends, family, or colleagues who haven’t just been jetting across the world themselves, either.

I get it. Really I do.

But when you’ve just spent days, weeks, or even months living your life with no responsibilities, no cares, and then on top of that, seeing something new on the regular; it can be extremely difficult to slot back into your ‘normal’ (read: boring) life.

Jetlag aside, the post-travel blues can affect everyone differently. For some of you, it might bring about a strong desire to shake up your life: quit your job, move to a new city, or take up a new hobby/activity. Others may experience symptoms of depression: suddenly the life you were so used to, the life that enabled you to travel in the first place, feels stale, weighed down and unbearable.

For me, the post-travel blues really make me want to plan my next adventure.

And, if I’m being honest, thoughts and conversations about ‘the next trip’ start when we’re already travelling, more often than not.

Although I prefer to live in the moment, and not even think about future plans until we’re back home; the truth is, you really can’t help it. In fact, for me, it makes coming back to normal life a bit easier.

Knowing that there will be another adventure on the horizon.

But, if you too experience post-travel blues, here are some tips that might ease your pain.

7 hot tips to beat the post-travel blues

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1. Look through your travel photos

Remember how much fun you had, relive the adventures you went on, and think about your favourite moments.

2. Look at other people’s travel photos

Find locations you haven’t been to before, read other people’s overseas experiences, and start recording some bucket-list destinations.

3. Talk to your travel companion about your most recent adventure

Laugh about the time where something didn’t go right (because there’s always something!), share your favourite destinations, and talk about where you want to go next.

4. Start planning your next adventure

Even if you don’t have the money saved yet; there is no harm in beginning to research, prepare for, and plan your next holiday. Work out when you’re next able to jet off, and look into the flight and accommodation options available.

5. Come up with new stories

Instead of repeating the same travel story over and over again; next time a friend, colleague or family member asks about your holiday, try to think of a different story each time. Tell them something they may not have known or expected about a certain country, city, or experience. Surprise them!

6. Turn your travel photos into art

Get your favourite landscape printed on canvas, create a coffee table book documenting your travels, or replace your desktop background with images from your trip.

7. Take time to rest and look after yourself

Sometimes after an overseas adventure, all your body and mind really wants to do is rest; and it’s important that you allow yourself the opportunity to do that. Spend a day doing absolutely nothing. Read a book, watch a movie, burn a candle, or just sleep. Your body will thank you for it. And if you’re having trouble relaxing and getting into the “zone”, use a guided meditation track or meditones to get you started. Sonesence has a beautiful range of tracks that relax your mind and ease you into deep meditation.


Although the post-travel blues can be a bummer, they can also be overcome. Go easy on yourself, ignore the eye-rolls and tutting from the non-travelling people around you, and know that it’s something all travellers deal with at one point or another. You’re in good company!

And just remember — you will travel again; your travel bug wouldn’t have it any other way.

How do you cope with the post-travel blues?

Do you experience post-travel blues?
What do you do to overcome them?

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Post-Travel Blues



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