Pictures from Positano

Perched on a cliff of Italy’s Amalfi Coast, Positano is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway. With a beautiful beach-side and vibrant flowers hanging off windowsills and balconies, we got a lot of the (very) short time we were there.

Getting there

Getting to Positano can be difficult, without a bit of research first.

One option is to take a regional train from Naples to Sorrento, then a bus to Positano. Both modes of transport can get very full, and the overall journey is quite time-consuming, but you do get amazing views of the Amalfi Coast from the bus.

Alternatively, from Naples you can take a regional train to Salerno, then a ferry to Positano. The ferry is much more comfortable than the bus, and it offers totally spectacular views as you cruise away.

Pictures from Positano

Arriving in Positano, the next challenge is to find your accommodation! And here’s where the huge wheelie suitcase idea falls very flat. This beachside town is full of narrow and steep staircases, cobbled lanes, and uneven surfaces. Most of the accommodation is spread along the cliff-face in order to get the stunning views of the ocean, so this definitely makes up for the leg workout you get from walking around.

They say that a picture paints a thousand words, so rather than come up with a bunch of adjectives for Positano, I’ll let my camera do the talking.

Positano 1

Positano 2

Positano 3

Positano 4

Positano 5

Positano 6

Positano 7

Positano 8

Positano 9

Positano 11

Positano 12

Positano 13

Positano 14

Positano 15

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Pictures from Positano




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