New York City: Exploring Central Park

Although we were only in New York City for a few days, we really wanted to dedicate a big chunk of our time to exploring Central Park.

An expansive patch of green in the concrete jungle, Central Park is full of walking trails, gardens, lakes, bridges, and so much more.

It was a beautiful but crisp Winters day, perfect for strolling around, and taking in the sights and smells.

We started at the South end of the park, and made it roughly half-way around before turning back. There are so many trails and paths that cross the park in all directions, so we did a fair bit of zig-zagging and back-tracking to get where we wanted to go. We checked the park maps regularly, and picked out what we really wanted to see — Wollman Rink, Alice in Wonderland, Balto, Belvedere Castle, Shakespeare Garden —  and then made our way to each location, figuring we could check out the rest of what Central Park has to offer next time.

Before we even got into the park though, we were accosted by various vendors offering us a ride around for a price. They were very pushy, but we assured them we wanted to walk.

And we did.

New York City: Exploring Central Park

Central Park-1
Central Park-3
Central Park-4
Central Park-5
Central Park-6
Central Park-7
Central Park-8
Central Park-9
Central Park-10
Central Park-11
Central Park-12

Have you been to Central Park?

What was your favourite attraction?
Do you try and find the locations from movies and tv shows, like we do?

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New York City: Central Park


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