Getting ‘Lost’ in Oahu

I’m going to start by saying that we are huge fans of the tv show Lost, which aired from 2004–2010. You guys remember that one, right? A plane crashes on a supposedly deserted island, and the survivors spend the next six years trying to get off it. There’s drama, comedy, death, smoke monsters, polar bears(?), and don’t forget ‘the others’. But it was such a great show. We watched it when it was on tv, and then re-watched the entire series again a couple of years ago. And it was still just as good as we remembered.

The whole show was filmed entirely in Hawaii—yup, even those scenes based in Korea, Australia, Nigeria, and the UK—so, when planning our trip there earlier this year, we were naturally keen to see as many locations as we could. Obviously, being five years after the show has ended, the sets are long gone now, but the landscapes and beaches remain.

How annoyed are we that we never ventured over there while they were actually filming?!

There are so many blog posts and websites out there either dedicated to, or referencing the various film locations, but the two most informative are Lostpedia and LostLocations. Another site that was an amazing reference at the time was Lost Virtual Tours, but unfortunately their website doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

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Lost 33

Getting ‘Lost’ in Oahu

We gave ourselves three full days to explore the North Shore of Oahu, and most of that time was dedicated to getting ‘Lost’.

The Banyan Tree

One of the perks of choosing to stay at the Turtle Bay Resort, is that we were only a short walk to the infamous Banyan Tree, which featured heavily in the show, especially in the first two seasons. Scenes of interest include: Kate hiding from the smoke monster, Walt hiding from the polar bear, and Charlie being hanged by Ethan. This tree was also used in the Pirates of the Carribean.

Lost 1
Lost 2
Lost 3
Lost 4
Lost 5
Lost 6

If you’re staying at the Resort, then you can easily access the Banyan Tree by following the walking track; but if you’re just visiting I believe you do need to pay an entrance fee.

Kawela Beach

Near the Banyan Tree is this beautiful beach, which was used for a scene where Juliet has a picnic with Goodwin.

Lost 7
Lost 8

Waimea Valley

Waimea Valley is a stunning area with botanical gardens, historical sights, towering treetops, jagged cliff-faces, and of course, Waimea Falls. Waimea Falls is where Kate and Sawyer discover the briefcase of guns in season one. It’s also where Kate, Jack, and Hurley land after their plane crashes 30 years in the past, during season five.

Lost 9
Lost 10

Camp Erdman

Now this has to be the best location we visited. Camp Erdman is an actual summer camp, still used today, and was where ‘the others’ lived on the show. Those yellow buildings are an iconic feature, and it was so cool to see them in real life. Number 19 was Juliette’s house, and 21 was Ben’s. In season 5, when some of the cast is transported back in time to the 70’s, cabin 20 was Kate’s house, and 22 was Sawyer and Juliette’s house.

Lost 11
Lost 12
Lost 13
Lost 14
Lost 15

I understand there is normally an entrance fee to visit Camp Erdman, but the grounds were empty during our visit, and we were just asked to sign in before taking photographs.

Byodo-In Temple

In the Valley of the Temples you will find the Byodo-In Temple, the place where Jin and Sun were married (in Korea). You do need to pay a $3 entrance fee, but it is well worth it to walk around the grounds, feed the koi fish, and enter the temple where the most magnificent Buddhist statue sits.

Lost 20

Mokule’ia Beach

In season one, when the plane crashes, this is where the front half of it lands. It was used as the survivors home for much of season one, but after the show became popular, the crew moved filming to a private beach instead.

Lost 21
Lost 22
Lost 23

Waialua Sugar Mill

The Waialua Sugar Mill made the perfect backdrop for Mr. Eko’s Nigerian village.

Lost 24

Radio Tower

Remember when the survivors found a radio tower, and they heard Danielle’s call for help in French? This is it.

Lost 25

Kualoa Ranch

So I mentioned in my previous post that we decided to take the ATV tour around Kualoa Ranch. I was hoping that this tour would give us access to some of the filming locations, but unfortunately due to the weather, we didn’t get to see all that much. It absolutely poured down for most of it, which made navigating the ATV track so much more difficult. I mean, for me, these things were already hard enough to steer as it was, never mind once you add mud, rain, hidden rocks, and steep inclines. I completely lost control at one point and ended up in the trees! Luckily neither I, the bike, nor the trees were harmed, and I was able to continue on; but after that scare I became a super nervous rider, and ended up being bought to the front of the group (and totally slowed everyone else down). Aside from that, it was quite a fun trip, although I would be hesitant to do it again in those conditions.

Lost 26

At the start of the tour, we got to visit Cooper Battery, which was really used in World War II; but in the show it was the Tempest Station, owned by the Dharma Initiative. We got to take a walk inside, where we discovered the submarine used throughout the show. Also inside was a piece of Dharma equipment. (Cue fan-girl moment.)

Lost 27
Lost 28
Lost 29

A lot of scenes were filmed in the gorgeous Ka’a’awa Valley, but the most notable are Hurley’s golf course, and that time Sawyer, Hurley and Jin went for a joy ride in the Dharma combi van.

The tour we went on doesn’t normally stop by Hurley’s Golf Course, but because our guide knew we were fans, and because he was awesome, he allowed us to stop and take photos before the tour wrapped up.

Lost 30
Lost 32

Side note: Kualoa Ranch was also used in filming Jurrasic World, Mighty Joe Young, Pearl Harbour, Godzilla, and 50 First Dates, among others.

This part here has nothing to do with Lost; but was used in Jurrasic World as the Gyrosphere ride.

Lost 31

Overall it was a fun tour, even though I did struggle a bit in the conditions. It was a little tricky to get photos unless we stopped, but the landscapes were absolutely gorgeous, and just being there was really cool.


Heaps of beaches were used in the filming of the show, but it was a little hard to distinguish one from the other! I think we ended up visiting at least three or four different beach areas that were used in various seasons or scenes. We had our phones with us so we could look them up, and then grinned like little kids just knowing that we were standing in the same spot.

Although Lost is over and done with, it’s still one of our favourite television series, and one that I think we could definitely re-watch every couple of years or so. In fact, we’re probably about due to start from the start again now.

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Getting 'Lost' in Oahu


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