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There are a few different cameras I like to take with me when travelling. And although my phone is the quickest and easiest ‘camera’ to use, I also love experimenting with different lenses for my DSLR. My latest lens purchase was the Rokinon 14mm (in Australia you can find it by looking for a Samyang 14mm).

Before travelling to Canada and the USA at the end of last year, I was researching lenses suitable for capturing that all elusive Aurora Borealis, and the night sky in general.

The Rokinon 14mm had a bunch of great reviews online, and seemed the perfect fit for what I was looking for.

I decided to wait and buy it overseas, and was lucky enough to get a pretty good deal in Quebec City (until the currency conversion, that is!).

You guys, this lens has been a game-changer.

It has an aperture of f/2.8, meaning it lets in a lot of light. It’s an ultra-wide angle lens, meaning you can fit a lot in your frame. It has a built in lens hood. And, it’s compatible with most DSLR camera brands, meaning it fits on my Canon 700D perfectly.

However, this lens is no joke. It’s a biggie compared to my other lenses. It weighs in around 550 grams, and is 96mm long and 87mm wide. There are certainly bigger lenses out there, believe you me, but this one is pretty bulky for travel.

Although my main reason for purchasing this lens was to take awesome sky and night photographs, I actually ended up using it for most of our trip.

Here are some of my favourite snaps using the Rokinon 14mm lens.

Rokinon 14mm 1
Rokinon 14mm 2
Rokinon 14mm 3
Rokinon 14mm 4
Rokinon 14mm 5
Rokinon 14mm 6
Rokinon 14mm 7
Rokinon 14mm 8
Rokinon 14mm 9
Rokinon 14mm 10

What’s your favourite image using the Rokinon 14mm lens?

What other lenses should I consider for our next overseas jaunt?
What lens do you swear by?

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Lens Review: Rokinon 14mm



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