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I’ve been wanting to create a regular recap/update series for a while now, but I wasn’t quite sure where to begin. So I’m going to trial this for the next few months and see how it goes. The monthly recaps will give me the chance to keep you updated on what I’ve been up to, where I’ve been, and what’s to come on the blog. It also gives me a chance to share more about myself, my interests, and current obsessions.

July travels

Early in the month, Chris had to go to the Gold Coast for work, so we decided to make a weekend of it. I flew up on the Friday after work, and we spent the night in the Gold Coast hinterland. The views were incredible! We then made our way north to the Sunshine Coast which was just as beautiful as we remembered. I’ll be sharing more photos and details in an upcoming post, so keep an eye out for that one!

Gold Coast
Sunshine Coast

What’s for eating?

I’ve become super obsessed with porridge lately. This serving from Charlie Lovett on the South Wharf waterfront was so delicious, I’ll definitely be back for more. I also had an amazing pumpkin and haloumi salad at The Edge when we were in Queensland, and a scrumptious black forest lamington from Mill and Bakery in Docklands.

Book love

I’m super bad at updating my Goodreads progress, but have been trying to read more and reach my goal of 17 books this year. For a while now, I have been wanting to read one of the blind date with a book titles, so begged my sister to get me one. Her choice ended up being Beautiful Lies, which was a perfect selection for me. I’m about halfway through, and while it’s showing some promise, I feel like I am one step ahead of the main character at this point. It’s set in New York City, which I like because I can almost picture the surroundings.

On-screen obsessions

Unfortunately, I was off sick for a full week in July. I didn’t do much besides sleep a lot and watch a butt-tonne of tv. I finally finished How I Met Your Mother, and I know I’m late to the party, but that ending! Not cool, guys. I definitely preferred the earlier seasons over the final two, but I really came to love the characters, and it’s weird no longer having any episodes to watch. Now, to get my Neil Patrick Harris fix, I’ve started watching A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix, and while he’s no Barney Stinson, Count Olaf also loves a good bit of theatre and pretending to be someone he’s not.


When I bought my Nintendo Switch back in March, I had no idea I would still be into it four months later. I was sure I’d tire of it by now. But nope, Zelda still has me hooked. I think it’s because the world is so huge, there are so few limits, and so many things to do! This month I’ve been on a real Korok mission, trying to capture as many as possible. I also recently got Majora’s Mask, which makes monsters think you’re one of them. I’m only somewhat ashamed to admit that I’ve taken to wearing it constantly in order to avoid being attacked while exploring Hyrule. And when I’m not playing Zelda, I’m watching videos about it on youtube, or reading blog posts. Guys, it may be time for an intervention.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Upcoming travels

Ireland_Guiness Lake

At the moment there are no travel plans in our near future, but that’s often how we roll. We’ve gotten into a rather bad habit of having a long-term travel goal, but then not taking any steps towards it until a month or so prior to jetting off. In the meantime, I have so many experiences to share with you from our last big trip to Europe in January (I know, I’ve been a super slack blogger this year!), plus our week-long Hawaiian getaway in April, so there’s definitely plenty of content to come.

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Anything else you want me to talk about?

I’d love to hear suggestions for future blog posts, or any travel questions you might have — hit me!

Potentially controversial question — who do you think does Count Olaf better: Neil Patrick Harris, or Jim Carrey?

Whistler_Zipline 2

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