The perfect gift for the traveller in your life

Like it or not, Christmas is just around the corner.

Whether you spend your time at home with family and friends, or adventuring abroad; Christmas is a magical time of year, and one that I always look forward to.

Yes, it is about love, joy, sharing, and coming together.

But let’s be real — it’s also about giving and receiving!

If there is a wanderluster on your Christmas gift list, then this guide is for you.

The perfect gift for the traveller in your life

Universal travel adapter

If you’re travelling overseas, an adapter is a MUST HAVE.

There are plenty of travel adapters on the market, with a range of price points, so this is a great gift no matter your budget.

For extra value, I recommend getting a universal adapter, like this one.

Rather than lugging around multiple adapters for individual continents, a universal adapter allows you to manipulate the different plug fixtures to suit whatever socket you are working with. They also often come with surge protection, and a pouch to keep them in when you’re not using them.

Turkish towel

Turkish towels seem to be going through a resurgence these days.

They are cropping up everywhere, are easy to find, and have become really popular with travellers.

Originating in Turkey (hence the name), Turkish towels are generally made from cotton and are bigger, lighter, quicker drying, and more versatile than a regular towel.

You can use them at the beach, after a shower/bath, as a scarf or sarong, and I’ve even seen them used as a beach bag!

Mine is from Mayde, but a quick Google search will bring you many different options.

The best thing about them is how light and quick drying they are, making them perfect for travel.

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Memory cards

You seriously can never have too many memory cards!

Call me crazy, but I actually love receiving memory cards as gifts. It’s one less thing for me to buy before jetting off, and I just know they will get used.

Keeping extra memory cards with you can be a life-saver while travelling. Having to stop mid-adventure because you’ve filled up your cards is no fun, and it can be a real pain having to find and buy them overseas, depending on your location.

I usually take two-to-three spares with me, just in case; and hey, if I don’t use them on my trip, I’ll definitely use them when I’m back home.

They’re just really handy little things to have in your arsenal.

Ebook credit

Being able to download new ebooks when you’re on the road is a 21st century luxury.

Whether your traveller has a Kobo, Kindle, iPad, or other e-reading device, an appropriate gift card shouldn’t be too difficult to locate.

The hardest part might be figuring out which device they use, without tipping them off to your plans!

Gift Guide_Ebook // In Transit Life

Packing cubes

You guys already know how much I love packing cubes by now.

Not only do they make packing easier, they’re also great for keeping your gear under control once you arrive at your destination.

There are so many on the market — all at different price points — and although I haven’t tried them all, I’m sure you’ll find one to suit your needs.

My hands-down favourite has to be Eagle Creek for their durability, range, and reputation.

Packing cubes are another one of those items that you can get away with having multiples of. And if the object of your gift giving has never used them before, you’ll totally change their life. For reals.

Selfie stick

Selfie Sticks — you either love them, or you hate them.

Yes, they look kind of dorky, they can be obnoxious and even dangerous — to the point where some tourist hot-spots have banned them all together!

But boy do they make taking photographs of you and bae so much easier. As someone who has spent years smiling for photographs with my partners arm outstretched to fit us both in the frame, I think I would kind of love a selfie stick, although I haven’t yet bought one for myself.

Plus, if someone else buys one for you… well then you absolutely have to use it.

Failing that, you could always do what this guy did.

Gift Guide_Selfie // In Transit Life

Your turn:

What travel-related gifts are on your wish list this year?




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