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Guys, I have found love in the form of a camera lens. The Canon 50mm, to be precise.

I decided to go with the Canon 50mm lens — commonly referred to as a nifty-50 — after doing some online research. Many travel photographers claimed that it was the only lens they used when out and about, and their images really spoke for themselves.

They are compact, lightweight, inexpensive (retailing around AU$150), and great for close-up, portrait or streetscape photography.

Although this little lens was the first that I purchased for my camera — you can read more about that here — it hasn’t received much action in the year and a half since adding it to my collection.

For reasons unknown, I very rarely used this lens during my past two overseas jaunts. I think in total, I might have reached for it once or twice over the course of both trips.

To be fair, on both of these holidays I was after landscape photos, trying to capture as much as I could in the frame, making the nifty-50 unworthy of selection (in my mind).

Because of this, I didn’t have any real experience using the Canon 50mm lens, and therefore hadn’t given myself the chance to appreciate its value.

That all changed a couple of weeks ago, when I put foot to pavement and took my nifty-50 out for a play. I had no particular goal in mind, nor any idea of what I was going to photograph; I just wanted to get a feel for it and learn what I could do with this lens.

Camera Lens Review > Canon 50mm

I now have a brand new appreciation — and can I say, love — for this lens. For such a compact and light lens, it really does pack a punch in terms of its adaptability. All this time I thought it was no good for landscape shots, when in actual fact it works just fine, while also being able to provide excellent detail in close-ups.

Personally, I also think it’s a great entry-level lens, as it doesn’t require any adjustments; all settings are controlled via the camera. It also offers the option of automatic focus, which is great for beginner users, and one less thing to worry about.

I must say that I’m really pleased with what this little Canon 50mm lens produced. It has become a firm favourite in my arsenal.

Photos from the Canon 50mm Lens

Camera used: Canon 700D
Canon 50mm-1
Canon 50mm-2
Canon 50mm-3
Canon 50mm-5
Canon 50mm-11
Canon 50mm-6
Canon 50mm-12
Canon 50mm-7
Canon 50mm-8
Canon 50mm-9
Canon 50mm-10

What do you think?

I’d love to hear what camera lenses you swear by?
If you use a 50mm, what kinds of photographs do you usually take with it?

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Lens Review: Canon 50mm

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