My Story

Hello, I’m Michelle!

I’m a kiwi traveller; an avid reader, writer, photographer, list-maker, coffee drinker, gamer, and wanderer.

In Transit Life is a space for me talk about:
>> travel trials and tribulations
>> why winter holidays are under-rated
>> travel photography
>> planning an overseas adventure
>> navigating the world as an introvert
>> working full-time, while making travel a priority.

Although travelling is not my job (yet), it’s definitely more than a hobby, and something I am constantly thinking about. I’m here to prove that anyone can travel the world if they put their mind to it.

And, I’ll show you how.

So, who am I?

Born and bred in the southern-most city of New Zealand, I always felt the pull to expand my horizons and travel the world, but my introverted nature and lack of funds kept me in a comfortable little bubble of friends and family, and the cities and towns I was used to.

The South Island provided me with lots of travel options: lakes and fruit orchards in Central Otago; glaciers, alps, and land formations on the West Coast; and the sprawling Canterbury plains.

But I always longed for more.

I love breathing in fresh mountain air, walking through long grass, feeling sand between my toes, and crunching my boots on fresh white snow.

But I always felt stuck in a life of study, administration, and the corporate rat-race.

I was encouraged to ‘settle down’, buy a house, and start a family; but all I really wanted to do was see the world.

So that’s exactly what I have been doing.

How I caught the travel bug

Although I wasn’t always a wanderluster, I found my travel bug during a three-week whirlwind adventure with my partner to Japan, Europe, and Canada when I was 26 years old.

That first overseas trip was the catalyst for everything else that has followed. I well-and-truly caught the travel bug during those action-packed weeks, and it has sat humming inside me ever since.

Since then we’ve seen more of Europe — including the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Brussels, Holland, France, Spain, the Czech Republic, Greece, and Scandinavia — Canada, and the United States — from Alaska to Hawaii. We’ve explored parts of Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, and Western Australia; and we’re always planning our next overseas jaunt.


I believe…

…that travel is life-changing.

…that if you make travel a priority, you can adventure at least once every year.

…that you can totally plan an amazing holiday all by yourself.

And, I believe that the travel bug has helped me to not only embrace my introverted nature; but to explore, open up, and become a stronger person.

Final nuggets about me

I’m an Aries, an INFJ (The Advocate), and my totem animal is the Elk.

I’m the eldest, and shortest, of my siblings — four of us in total.

I love crystals, candles, the moon, yoga, and positive people.

I’m a big old nerd who loves collecting things and playing video games.

I’m surprisingly super competitive.

And I’m so excited to connect with you.

Michelle x