6 things you simply must do in Tokyo (with food recommendations)

When I used to think of Tokyo, I would imagine gizmos and gadgets, hustle and bustle, bright lights, and neon signs. And sure, Tokyo has that in spades. But, it’s also home to some of the most incredible and peaceful areas I’ve ever been to, which I most certainly was not expecting.

We spent 10 days exploring this popular city, and I was instantly surprised to find that, even though it is big and bustling, the city has a real calm about it. I never felt like I was in anyone’s way. The streets are clean and tidy (seriously, not a cigarette butt or abandoned coffee cup to be found). And everyone is so friendly and welcoming.

It’s also really quiet, which is one of the things about Japan that I still find fascinating. Put 30 people in a room or train carriage in Melbourne, and you’d be lucky to hear yourself think. In Japan, you can hear a yen drop.

Speaking of trains, the transport system in Tokyo is incredible. It’s really easy to navigate, and you can get almost anywhere in a short space of time. I’ve never been so keen to jump on a train or take public transport (in Melbourne, I try and avoid it as much as humanly possible). But, surprisingly, the city of Tokyo is also extremely walkable. We’d often forgo trains in favour of walking through neighbouring areas, with the bonus of seeing a lot more along the way.

In a nutshell, Tokyo is like a whole bunch of smaller cities connected to form one. Each area we visited felt quite different from the next, but they were all home to a wonderful mix of old and new. So, what are some of the things you simply must do in Tokyo? Read on to find out.

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