Postcards from Central Otago

In spite of the fact that I’m a proud kiwi, I’ve realised that I haven’t written much about my homeland. Aotearoa: land of the long white cloud. It’s true that I don’t go home very often, preferring to spend what annual leave I have travelling to far off places. But, early last year I had good reason to go home: my little sister’s wedding! So I decided to make the most of the trip, spending two and a half weeks in Central Otago with my family.

In the lead up to the wedding it was fairly busy. What with haircuts and dress fittings, a hen’s do, venue prep, and family reunions. But once the celebrations were done, and we’d all caught our respective breaths, it was lovely to spend so much time back home.

The peak of summer, in one of the most beautiful regions of New Zealand? I can’t think of too many better places to be.

Here are some of the highlights.

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