The Curious Quokka of Rottnest Island

The Curious Quokka of Rottnest Island

One of the things we were most excited about doing in Western Australia was taking a trip to Rottnest Island to meet the Quokka. A Quokka is a little critter that calls the islands off Western Australia home. They look like a cross between a wallaby and a smaller animal like a rat or rabbit.Read more

Getting ‘Lost’ in Oahu

Getting 'Lost' in Oahu

I’m going to start by saying that we are huge fans of the tv show Lost, which aired from 2004–2010. You guys remember that one, right? A plane crashes on a supposedly deserted island, and the survivors spend the next six years trying to get off it. There’s drama, comedy, death, smoke monsters, polar bears(?),Read more

What’s so Great about Oahu?

What's so Great about Oahu?

Aloha Oahu! After spending three and a half weeks in snowy destinations with freezing temperatures over the Christmas break, we figured Hawaii would be the perfect place to end our annual month-long adventure, and thaw out before heading back to real life. As much as we love winter holidays and snow, we’re also huge beachRead more

How to Spend Five Days in Mallorca

Five Days in Mallorca

Although we love our Winter vacations, spending time in tropical locations is also high on our travel bucket list. So, during our 2-month European getaway, we were excited to spend five nights in sunny Mallorca, Spain. A 7.5hr ferry from Barcelona, Mallorca gave us the tranquility, sunshine and peace we were desperately seeking after aRead more