The art of European bed making and why I love it

The Art of European Bed Making

I’ve developed an unhealthy obsession with the way some Europeans make their bed. In other words, I’ve become a fan of the ‘one bed, two duvets’ method. The first time we visited Europe, we were a little confused by the bedding situation. It’s a little weird, right? We thought they had forgotten to give usRead more

7 Reasons why I Love a Winter Holiday

7 Reasons why a Winter Holiday Rules

People often tell me that we are crazy for giving up our Australian summer each year for a North American winter holiday. But it’s so cold over there! You’ll freeze! I hope you’ve packed enough layers… is what I quite often hear in the lead-up to our winter jaunts. And how do I respond? IRead more

How to Spend Five Days in Mallorca

Five Days in Mallorca

Although we love our Winter vacations, spending time in tropical locations is also high on our travel bucket list. So, during our 2-month European getaway, we were excited to spend five nights in sunny Mallorca, Spain. A 7.5hr ferry from Barcelona, Mallorca gave us the tranquility, sunshine and peace we were desperately seeking after aRead more

Montefioralle: The Most Beautiful Place I’ve Ever Seen

Montefioralle: The Most Beautiful Place I’ve Ever Seen

Close your eyes and imagine… …rolling green hills, lush trees, bright red and orange florals, uninterrupted views, and quaint cobblestone houses scattered across the landscape. The hot sun is beating on your bare skin, warming you to the bone. A delicate summer breeze rustles the nearby foliage and your hair as you take in yourRead more