An Overview of the Cameras I use While Travelling

Cameras I use While Travelling

Taking photographs has become such an important part of overseas travel. Not only is it great to show your friends, family, and colleagues all the wonderful places you’ve been to, and the things you have seen and done; but it provides you with visual memories to look back on. Science has proven that travel makesRead more

My Snowboarding Experience in North America

Snowboarding in North America

I am not a snowboarder. Not even close. But my partner loves the sport, so naturally I have been keen to learn. Over the years I have attempted to join in, and taken the odd lesson or two, but each time I ‘hit the slopes’, the slopes inevitably hit me back, and it was likeRead more

Montefioralle: The Most Beautiful Place I’ve Ever Seen

Montefioralle: The Most Beautiful Place I’ve Ever Seen

Close your eyes and imagine… …rolling green hills, lush trees, bright red and orange florals, uninterrupted views, and quaint cobblestone houses scattered across the landscape. The hot sun is beating on your bare skin, warming you to the bone. A delicate summer breeze rustles the nearby foliage and your hair as you take in yourRead more

Lake Louise > Dreaming of a White Christmas

Christmastime at Lake Louise

In 2014, we decided to forgo our usual Christmas traditions of sunbathing, camping, visiting relatives, and opening way too many presents; and instead spent our time in the wintery depths of Lake Louise, Canada. We had always wanted to experience a white Christmas — you know, like you see in all the movies; and weRead more

When a Local goes Above and Beyond for a Stranger


During a 5-week trip to Canada and the United States, we experienced late night snow-shoeing, glorious snow-capped mountains, and hours spent snowboarding down the best runs of our lives. However, as fabulous as all that was, NONE of it compares to our chance encounter with a kind and generous stranger. Three weeks into our trip…Read more

Why the South Island should be on your Travel List

Is the South Island on your Travel List?

Famous for its sweeping landscapes, friendly locals, award-winning wineries, and extreme sports; the South Island of New Zealand is a travellers paradise, and only a short flight from Australia. Hailing from the South Island myself, you may think I am slightly biased in my love for the place…and you may be right, but here areRead more

6 Tips to Lift Your Mood when Travelling

6 Tips to Lift Your Mood when Travelling

Although travelling is one of my favourite things to do, there are definitely times on the road where my energy is low, I’m in a crabby mood, or I just miss the comforts of home. We’ve all been there, right? It happens to the best of us. BUT, a bad mood, delayed flight, or boutRead more