Getting ‘Lost’ in Oahu

Getting 'Lost' in Oahu

I’m going to start by saying that we are huge fans of the tv show Lost, which aired from 2004–2010. You guys remember that one, right? A plane crashes on a supposedly deserted island, and the survivors spend the next six years trying to get off it. There’s drama, comedy, death, smoke monsters, polar bears(?),Read more

What’s so Great about Oahu?

What's so Great about Oahu?

Aloha Oahu! After spending three and a half weeks in snowy destinations with freezing temperatures over the Christmas break, we figured Hawaii would be the perfect place to end our annual month-long adventure, and thaw out before heading back to real life. As much as we love winter holidays and snow, we’re also huge beachRead more

Adventuring in the Treetops

Adventuring in the Treetops

In mid-May I met up with my brother and two sisters in the sunny Gold Coast for a weekend of fun, food, and catching up. We hadn’t all hung out together in years, and the one bonding experience we were all keen to take part in was Treetops Challenge in Mt Tamborine. We booked onlineRead more

Why we Keep Coming Back to Whistler

Why we Keep Coming Back to Whistler

Whistler, BC is one of those destinations that we just can’t shake. One that we keep coming back to, time and time again. It’s both foreign and familiar, a place we can adventure and relax in. January of this year marked our third visit to this popular ski resort, just a two-hour drive from Vancouver,Read more

Stanley Park in Pictures

Stanley Park in Pictures

Vancouver bridged the gap for us between our time spent in Alaska and Whistler in January this year; and although we didn’t allow ourselves much time there, one of the things we really wanted to do was explore Stanley Park by bike. Stanley Park is an oasis that really makes you forget you’re actually inRead more

Why Alaska is still on my bucket list

Why Alaska is still on my bucket list

Oh Alaska. How I long to be back in the last frontier with your freezing temperatures, snowy landscapes, and jaw dropping sunrises. Alaska is one of those places that I had always wanted to visit, but never got around to because it was too far away, too isolated, too insert-other-silly-excuse here. By now you allRead more

Road Trip: A Day at Werribee Zoo

Exploring Werribee Zoo

The state of Victoria is home to three wonderful and very different zoo experiences: Melbourne Zoo showcases a wide range of animals from all over the world; Healesville Sanctuary lets you get up close and personal with Australian wildlife, and Werribee Zoo offers an African safari just a short drive away from the city. ThisRead more

Why I Describe Niagara Falls as a Vegas for Kids

Niagara Falls: Vegas for Kids?

The best words I can use to describe the small town of Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada are: Vegas for kids. We had heard that the Canadian side of Niagara Falls was more interesting than it’s US counter-part; but it is also true that Niagara, Ontario is quite the tourist trap. Full of themed restaurants,Read more

7 Reasons why I Love a Winter Holiday

7 Reasons why a Winter Holiday Rules

People often tell me that we are crazy for giving up our Australian summer each year for a North American winter holiday. But it’s so cold over there! You’ll freeze! I hope you’ve packed enough layers… is what I quite often hear in the lead-up to our winter jaunts. And how do I respond? IRead more

Old Quebec > Dreaming of (Another) White Christmas

Christmas in Old Quebec

Is Old Quebec one of the most adorable spaces in the world? Nestled next to the Saint Lawrence River in the Canadian state of Quebec, with its charming old town vibes and French population, I’d argue that it’s definitely up there. Stepping into Old Quebec is like stepping into a cute little French town, withoutRead more