The art of European bed making and why I love it

The Art of European Bed Making

I’ve developed an unhealthy obsession with the way some Europeans make their bed. In other words, I’ve become a fan of the ‘one bed, two duvets’ method. The first time we visited Europe, we were a little confused by the bedding situation. It’s a little weird, right? We thought they had forgotten to give usRead more

5 Things Travel has Taught Me

5 Things Travel has Taught Me

Travel has taught me so much about myself, my relationships, and the world around me. I’ve seen things I’d previously only dreamed about, I’ve faced fears, and I’ve learned to appreciate the value of living minimally. I’ve also realised how lucky I am to have been born in such a free country as New Zealand.Read more

Tips for getting through airport screening and passport control

Tips for getting through airport screening and passport control

When you’re jetting off on an overseas adventure, two of the procedures you’re going to have to go through are airport screening and passport control. Airports can be stressful places at the best of times, so ensuring a relatively seamless experience here, sets you off on the right track. What with all the people rushingRead more

Getting ‘Lost’ in Oahu

Getting 'Lost' in Oahu

I’m going to start by saying that we are huge fans of the tv show Lost, which aired from 2004–2010. You guys remember that one, right? A plane crashes on a supposedly deserted island, and the survivors spend the next six years trying to get off it. There’s drama, comedy, death, smoke monsters, polar bears(?),Read more

7 Tips to beat the post-travel blues

Post-Travel Blues

Post-travel blues is a thing. It does exist. And it can be hard to navigate. Don’t even get me started on the lack of sympathy from friends, family, or colleagues who haven’t just been jetting across the world themselves, either. I get it. Really I do. But when you’ve just spent days, weeks, or evenRead more

A Perfect Gift for the Traveller in Your Life

Perfect Gifts for the Traveller in Your Life

Like it or not, Christmas is just around the corner. Whether you spend your time at home with family and friends, or adventuring abroad; Christmas is a magical time of year, and one that I always look forward to. Yes, it is about love, joy, sharing, and coming together. But let’s be real — it’sRead more

How I Travel as an Introverted Personality

Why being an Introvert doesn’t mean you can’t Travel

Although I’m not hugely into labels, anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I have an introverted personality. Until recently, I always thought of it as a negative quality: …I’m so shy, I don’t like big crowds, I’m sensitive, small talk doesn’t come naturally to me, and I prefer to stay homeRead more

My Ultimate Packing Tips

Packing Tips

So, you’ve budgeted and saved your money; planned your trip; and booked all your flights, accommodation, and transport options. You are ready to hit the road! Just one thing left to do…. PACK. Love it or loathe it, packing is generally the final step in planning for your adventures. It doesn’t have to be aRead more

Tips on Budgeting and Saving for a Holiday

Budgeting and Saving

No-one really likes to talk about money, budgeting and saving; but unfortunately it is a necessary evil when it comes to planning your travel adventures. You need money to pay for flights, transport, accommodation, activities, food, and most importantly—coffee! Unless you come into an inheritance, win lotto, have super generous friends and family, or haveRead more

Planning your next Trip

Planning your next Trip

So, you’ve decided you want to travel. You’ve bookmarked your favourite travel websites, and you’re ready to get stuck in to that planning your next trip. As I have already mentioned, planning a holiday is not easy. However, it is fun and it’s so rewarding to do it all yourself. But, if you’ve never plannedRead more