Exploring Finland, Part 1: Why I won’t be taking the Santa Express again

To me, Finland always seemed like one of those faraway places that only existed in the pages of a book. Like, when you crawl to the very back of your wardrobe and find yourself in Narnia.

For a while there, Finland was my Narnia. Well, Finnish Lapland, to be precise. A place I very much wanted to see, but one that felt more like a fantasy than somewhere I could actually go.

Because, a couple of years ago, we started planning a winter trip to Scandinavia. I know, I know, technically Finland isn’t part of Scandinavia at all. [But, it certainly feels as Scandic as Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, so why not, right?]

However, our trip was quickly becoming a logistical nightmare. We didn’t have enough days up our sleeve to fit everything in, largely because travel times in and out of Lapland were pretty darn long. So, we gave up on that idea and hit up Canada and the United States instead. Total cop-out, I know!

But, our desire to explore Finland did not end with the throwing of that trip in the metaphorical bin. So, we tried again. Upon planning our Scandic trip the second time around, things slowly — and magically — started falling into place. This time, we were more realistic with our timeframes and spent a bit more effort researching transport options and routes.

In total, we gave ourselves three weeks in Scandinavia, with a full week dedicated to exploring Finland.

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